Match Play League

Introducing EWGA Spokane MATCH Play League!

Who: Any current EWGA member with a valid handicap is eligible to play!

What: Match Play is a competitive format in which you keep track of the holes that you win or lose in a round, vs. your strokes. Not to be confused with our two-day Match Play event, this “League” will be played ongoing throughout the rest of the season. Our organizer, Sue Conard, will collect sign-ups, create the bracket, and every other Monday, she’ll send out your fellow EWGA competitor. You’ll have 13 days to connect with that person and play a round of 18, whether its sponsored by EWGA, or done on your own! If you lose before the finals, you will have the opportunity to keep playing in the consolation bracket.

Where: Matches can be played at any agreed-upon course.

When: Stay tuned.

Why should you participate!?

  • There will be prizes for the winner and the winner of the consolation bracket!
  • It’s a great opportunity to become familiar with the format and become more comfortable with competitive golf. We have a lot of knowledgeable people who are willing to answer questions!
  • It’s great preparation if you have interest in competing in the EWGA Cup Match Play.
  • Great way to get to know other fellow members better!
  • More golf!? What more is there to consider?

For questions and to sign up, contact Sue Conard at



How many matches will I get to play?
You are guaranteed at least two matches, and will continue to play as long as you have not lost twice.

Who will I play against?
Initial pairings for Round One will be based on handicaps.  Your first opponent will be determined by the player whose handicap is closest to yours.  For the remaining rounds, your opponent is determined based on the winners and losers of the other matches. 

Where will matches be played?
Before Round One and after each subsequent round, you’ll be notified of pairings for the upcoming matches.  Your team is responsible for contacting your opponents for each round and arranging a tee time on a course that is acceptable to both players. 

What if I win my match?
Yay you!  You get to move on to the next round and play again.

What if I lose my first match?
It’s not over!  You still get the chance to play in the consolation bracket for your flight.

What if my opponent and I can’t find a time to play before the deadline for the round? All players should do their best complete their matches during the allotted time for the competition to move forward.  If you absolutely cannot find a mutually agreeable time to play your match, contact Sue Conard to determine how to move forward. If the inability to complete a match affects the bracket, a coin toss will determine who wins/loses that match..  If a course to play cannot be decided by agreement the match play chairwoman will decide which course by random selection of one of our 18-hole league courses.