Virtual Golf


Welcome to the EWGA Spokane Chapter’s Virtual League. Our Virtual League affords members an easy opportunity to play competitive golf in a fun environment. The league is designed to help new and veteran golfers play in a slightly competitive, yet friendly environment.

Players of all skill levels are welcome. To be eligible, you simply need to have a current handicap index and be a current member of the Spokane Chapter. As part of your EWGA membership you have free online access to our handicap index system called GN21. The easiest way to post scores is through the EWGA app. If you have questions regarding handicap, please contact our handicap chair, Liz Hurd. Liz can be reached at

To be eligible for year-end prizes, you are required to play a minimum of four of the total Spokane 18-hole play dates throughout the calendar year. This includes any Saturday/Sunday play or chapter events such as the Chapter Championships. Once you sign up for the Virtual League, you are eligible to start the friendly competition.

Lastly, to be included in the Virtual League, you must register. Cost is $10. This will enable us to purchase prizes for the Virtual League winners. Register for Virtual League by emailing


Virtual League participants must play a minimum of four course events to be eligible for the end-of-year prizes. Virtual League play will follow normal USGA stroke play rules.

The Virtual League fee for 2017 will be $10. Proceeds will be used to support the year-end prizes. Our competition will award both NET and GROSS scoring winners. Depending upon the number of participants, we will award just the overall winners, or first and second place NET and GROSS. The larger the participation, the more prizes that will be awarded!

Remember, NET winners are handicap based, therefore creating an even playing field. Regardless of your ability, if you have a great day of golf, your NET score will reflect that!

Winners will be awarded at the Year End EWGA event.

Your current handicap index will be used to determine your NET score for each event.

Winners will be awarded based on the four best cumulative NET scores and four best cumulative GROSS scores. If you play more than four events, your cumulative NET/GROSS scores will be based on the four best scores out of your total 18 hole EWGA rounds played.

Always be prepared to play ready golf. As safety permits, play ready golf from tee to green.

Scorecard Process: 1. Email the following information to 2. Date, course and tee box played 3. Gross score 4. Handicap (index) as of date event played – the course handicap will be calculated for you. If you have any questions, please email Susie Luby at